Video Inspection • ROV • Year Round Service • Hydro Electric • Underwater Welding & Burning

Commercial diving for underwater construction. We serve hydroelectric utility companies, municipalities, and State & Federal bridge projects. Get to know us and call with questions or request a free brochure.

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Support for Power Companies

We work below the surface of water, using surface supply diving equipment to inspect, repair, remove, or install trash racks.

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Maintenance for Potable Water

Potable water reservoir inspections and tank cleanings are our unique specialty.

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Inspection and Repair of Bridges

We document structural conditions using ROVs, conduct caisson inspections
and perform underwater welding and burning.

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Monitoring and Support for Municipalities

Water main and sewer line inspections and repair, contaminated water service.

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M&K Commercial Diving, LLC was established in Vermont in 1996, and continues to serve all of New England  with a full range of professional diving services. David Hathaway is founder and owner of M&K Commercial Diving, LLC and remains committed to its success by personally supervising each project from start to finish.

Initially, hydroelectric utility companies were M&K Diving’s primary source of work and continued support of their industry remains a big part of what we do here at M&K Diving. In addition, M&K now offers a variety of diving and inspection services to both private and commercial interests. Local municipalities use us in their management of potable water and raw water reservoir projects. Bridge construction and restoration on State and Federal road projects; silt dredging and scour repair; pipeline crossing work; contaminated water; live video inspections via divers’ helmet mounted cameras & Remotely Operated Vehicles are all included in M&K Diving’s resume of successful projects. We have completed projects in five states and as our client list continues to grow, so do our coverage area and the list of diving services offered.

At M&K Diving, we are committed to completing your projects in a safe and efficient manner. All of our diving operations comply with industry and government standards. Our personnel all hold certifications from professionally recognized commercial diving academies. Together with our up-to-date and well-maintained diving equipment, M&K Diving continues to provide our customers with the safest operations possible and year-round service. M&K Commercial Diving, LLC is a fully insured underwater contractor.

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